Constellation Charts
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This page contains the results of an on-going personal project to produce a set of constellation charts using PP3. I keep these in an A4 binder and have them with me when I'm out with my telescope. They serve as useful quick-reference "disposable" charts which I can write and draw on. I offer them for download in the hope that they might be useful to someone else. Please note that there's no real order to the production of the charts (and, in the short to medium term, there will be a Northern Hemisphere bias for obvious reasons) — I simply add to the list mostly based on what's visible at the moment.

I've designed them so that each constellation makes as best use as possible of a single A4 page. I try and include as much detail as possible in each chart. Please note that these scripts are heavily based on the example scripts that come with PP3.

Each chart makes use of standard.pp3 so, if you want to build the charts yourself, you'll need a copy of that file.